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Pepper Spray from Germany: Choose between 35 different (Anti Dog) Defence Sprays, Shriek Alarms, strong cotton handcuffs and many more!

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pepper spray
In In Finland (Suomi) they call it Kaasusumutin in Sverige (Sweden) they call it "Pepparsprej" in Belgium and the Nederland (Netherlands) it has the same name like in the UK and Ireland: Pepperspray. In Dansk (Denmark) they call it Peberspray. In España (Spain) they describe it with the phrase "Aerosol de pimienta"  In  the República Portuguesa (Portugal) They define it with the phrase "Spray de pimenta" In Greece they gave it the name: "Σπρευ Πιπεριου" and in France "Gaz poivre".

A can full of hot chili!

Many different names but they all mean the same: A can full of hot chili pepper against attackers! Having a can of anti dog spray at hand has its advantages. It can be hidden in a bag and is very easy to use (but it should always be kept away from children).

The advantages of anti dog spray for self-defense

Anti dog spray contains oleoresin capsicum, it keeps not only dogs away but can be used in defense against other offenders as well. The person using the anti dog spray does not need to be strong and may stand a chance by using the spray shortly before an attack. The symptoms that occur several seconds after the usage of the spray give the possible victim enough time to run away or seek help.

The spray is used like a regular spray out of a can, make sure to make no eye contact. Once the spray gets into an animal's or person's eyes the eyelids will close for about five to ten minutes. It might cause a cough and a burning sensation for a few minutes. The symptoms disappear after around ten minutes and cause no greater harm. The anti dog sprays can be legally obtained and used in order to defend oneself against a possible attack.

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